Technology Trends in 2020

Technology Trends in 2020

The development of technology has led us towards mind blowing inventions,luxuries,comfortable facilities, connecting people from far away, and so on. It has now become one of the necessities of life.

It has now become super easy to access any information, improved technical skills, source of studies in this pandemic, and the list goes on!

The wonders of technology are uncountable, and the fact of how comfortable it has brought in our lives are undeniable.

However, anything has both positive and negative impacts on our lives, and so does technology. You heard the famous saying ” there are

two sides of a coin,” yet it depends on the user what side he chooses!

Here in this article, we will discuss how technology trends change our lives and what impacts it brings to our lives.

In this guide we have,

  • Technology trends in 2020.
  • Impacts of technology in our lives.

Technology Trends in 2020:

The year 2020 has quite a hectic year globally, but nothing can stop technology from being advance and more influential.

Despite the pandemic and everything terrible happening around the world, there are a few trends that also influenced people around the globe.

Below we have mentioned some of the commonly observed technology trends that gain a lot of attention which includes,

Trend #1 Getting Blockchain into practical use by China and the U.S.

In 2020 many institutions introduced Blockchain to prevent large-scale internet fraud and  internet leakage, which China approved.

China makes sure that the blockchain services are made practical such as specializing IBM to set up a linear accelerator program.

The purpose of improvising blockchain practically is to grow the payment type venture companies. Companies like Chinalysis that develop the technology of money laundering countermeasures.

China introduced this service in ICBC, Alibaba group and china southern airlines, etc.

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Trend #2 introducing the 5G and Starlink broadband internet technology

The new era of the internet deployment of 5G in the U.S. and China will be interesting in 2020. The competition would be about who can bring this innovation first to its consumers.

Moreover, another good thing is in the process by SpaceX to plan the Starlink broadband business. It is about to launch about 2500+ satellites which will mark the new era of the internet for the users of North America.

Besides, it is expected that the system will grow up to 12000 satellites by the year 2023, which will be followed by the addition of 30000 satellites as SpaceX will provide high internet speed in 2020.

Trend #3 development of aerospace technology

After the cold war advancement of such technologies slowed or almost stopped, but it is expected that humanity will experience its return to space again in 2020.

As all the well-known companies are expecting to enhance aerospace technology, including BlueOrigin and SpaceX.

In addition to this, SpaceX is working on the rocket starship, which can use the entire vehicle body.

It is expecting for SpaceX to shorten the intercontinental trips within 20-30 minutes via space. Moreover, China is also working on the progress of space.

Trend #4 Production of quantum computing use in mass scale

2020 will be the era of quantum computing as expected. With the rising rate of data, it is likely that quantum computing will target the biggest problem in the industry that includes health care and energy too.

2020 will have the ability to handle big data related to cancer treatment, DNA analysis, nuclear energy control, etc.

Many well-known corporations like Microsoft, Google, Intel, IBM, and Ali Baba have moved to quantum computing.

Trend #5 Introducing new threads of Artificial intelligence

The development of an ecosystem of devices like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistants has now contributed to the development of A.I. in daily life.

In 2020, emotion detection and computer vision will scale, and manufacturing A.I. will have a breakaway. Vicarious, Kindred, and Osaro startups are characterized by their use of A.I. processing technologies.

The technology of Kindred is used to simplify production for clothing brands like GAP.

Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk are gaining funding from Vicarious.

Impacts of technology in our lives 

Technology which brings ease in our lives also impacts us in several different ways. Hence,  depends upon the consuming time of a user, which may also result in depression by the new studies.

Overuse of technology can easily damage the brain, or it can impact our decision making compatibility.

Moreover, let’s look at the positive impacts of technology that change our lives and bring comfort to it.

Improvement in housing and lifestyle

This is one of the major enhancements or advancements modern technology has given.

The majority of the items, We use in the houses today are controlled by technology as they are automated which makes your life more organized and accessible.

Thanks to the new technology through which you can live safely.  Security cameras, lighting control and automated door locks solve the purpose. Modern technology has given us easy access to any information, shop online, or any news event.

Enhanced communication

Modern technology has given people this gift of staying connected with their loved ones anytime anywhere as it has introduced new methods of electronic communication such as video calls/conferences, voicemails, emails, and social networking websites, etc.

These innovative networking technical techniques help to minimize time and distance as hurdles to successful communication.

Helped in education

Technology has impacted every possible thing in our lives, and education is one of those. It takes the game of education to another level.

It gives a tremendous amount of information on books, videos, images that are now accessible on the internet so that you can empower yourself with knowledge anytime. Sounds interesting, right!


The guide to technology trends and its impact on our lives has come to an end.

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