5G will be the next Super fast Swiss Army knife of wireless networks

According to CEO of telecommunications company Ericsson,Hans Vestberg.The upcoming ten years of  5G network, which will make us that smart so that we will be able to know that why we are using any particular equipment and what will be its use.

If we talk about the wireless networks in forthcoming time, its not all about speed.

In the beginning of  proposed 5G technology we will be able to get the unbelievable speed as the main aim of IT industry to provide the network connection to its users which will be 100 times better than the networks they are currently using. Moreover, it will provide its service as per the use of network by its user like you are accessing internet while driving your vehicle on a crowded place or you are accessing the network on your computer at your home or office.

5G will be the next Superfast Swiss Army knife of wireless networks:Wireless Router Printer

5G will be the next Super fast Swiss Army knife of wireless networks

That’s according to world’s largest suppliers of telecommunications equipment company Ericsson’s CEO  Hans Vestberg.

What would be face of  the Wi-Fi network of tomorrow, the comments of Vestberg provide a glance on that. What next is about to come, there is chitchat which is getting increased day by day, Although around the world the network providers are still expanding the 4G network whose broadband services provide over the air speed to its users.

As i have already mentioned in my previous post 5G Technology Testing is about to begin in 2016- Verizon that in the next years i.e. 2016 Verizon will start its field tests for 5G technology.

On Friday, Hans Vestberg said in his interview that its his duty to make that  network who will handle this thing that how 5G technology will convert the business of many industries.

Verizon is moving very fast on the concept of 5G that’s why Until 2020 the telecom industry, do not want to invest in technology.  5G is assumed to provide the Faster speed and will be a genuine backup for the providers of internet service and Companies Like Google using fiber optic cable in order to provide very high speed internet to its users.

He said that it would be depending on devices as 5G technology will provide its service according to user’s use of internet. The network should be that much responsive so that it could tell an automatic car to change its directions and at the time when quick reaction is required how to respond. It should be that much consistent so that it can  manage connection between  your body and a  hypothetical chip set so that it can track your core body. When something goes wrong it should aware to inform Emergency services immediately.

Vestberg said that 5G technology may take over the internet service which is coming in your houses with the help of Cable and wires.In some parts of the world the same thing has happened already with 4G technology, but 5G technology is coming is better speed and scope. Internet service providers could bring 4K Video which are super sharp to your houses with 5G technology.

Last month, A telecom company based in New York said that the reason behind the early start of field tests on 5G by the Verizon is that they want to examine that with 5G technology what type of application are available who can take benefits of 5G technology.

It is unbelievable that with so many other things 5G could bring the Unlimited Internet. The choice for all you can eat data offering, is already wipe out from Verizon and AT&T in United states. Although for their excessive users Sprint and T-Mobile have some limitations. Rather than technical issues economical issues has more to do by decreasing of  unlimited plans.

Vestberg did not want to share  his carrier customer’s plans. He acclaimed, As this years AT&T proposed to contribute approximately 10 billion dollars, Similarly the cost to construction of these networks is there. He warned that there is increment in speed and scope that’s why it has further usage.

The sale of devices could be increased by Ericsson. Network distribution by the carriers became stuck all over the world that’s why there is fumble in the profit of third quarter which is less than assumptions, posted by Swedish company.


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