5G Technology Testing is about to begin in 2016- Verizon

Today i am going to discuss about the 5G Wireless Technology which is about to come in near future, which will provide us with the very high speed of connectivity but still we need to see how soon its possible.

In Previous week Verizon wireless gave interview to CNET in which they told that they are planning to test the 5G Technology within 1 year so that they can launch it by the year 2017 in the world market. AT&T claimed on this announcement that without the agreement of international standards and technology it’s too early to say anything about the 5G Technology by any company.


5G Technology Testing is about to begin in 2016- Verizon/ Wireless Router Printer
5G Technology Testing is about to begin in 2016- Verizon

Vice president of Verizon Communication Alberto Canal does not agree to it, he explained that Telecom Company can go ahead and in near future they will provide the 5G Technology in the world market. He confirmed in interview to Fortune that what are plan of company about trial of 5G Technologies in coming year. Moreover, which telecom company can come with them for 5th generation of technology, 5G is the future of wireless technology and as compared to 4G LTE it will be 50 times ahead, which will cover almost the whole United States.

If, we will talk about only mobile data usage, Telecom Company Ericson said last year only in North America, the consumption of mobile data was 562 Petabytes every month which is much more than any other country around the world.

According to Tom Sawanobori, Chief technology officer at Cellular telephone industry association believes that by the year 2019 only in North America usage of mobile data will increase up to 600%. The reason of this growth will be the term which is describe the connectivity of the smart phones to the web like the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat by Google, which is programmed so that it automatically optimize temperature of offices and homes to save energy.

5th Generation of wireless technology can get its benefits but if we see the experts opinion that how 5G will work and what kind of features it will provide, on that point there should be mutual agreement of cellular industry as per international Standards.

According to Tom Sawanobori, Before any kind of recommendation 5G will need certain emphasis as New Wi-Fi Technology is Definitely a matter for IT industry. 4G LTE is adequate for estimated future. But as human nature we always very keen to know what can come in near future.

About the announcement of trials of 5G by Verizon, ABI Research director, Philip Solis, says it is nothing just a “Creamy marketing “and not at all practical. Roberto Canal rejects these allegations, by saying they have already established a forum for the 5G Technology Forum to get some wonderful and great ideas so that in future can work on those ideas.

Still, it is tough to avoid the objection on the way of 5G trail plan of Verizon. If, We talk about the wireless industry of United States it is totally established in 4G LTE, and these days many IT companies have targets to improve 4G LTE in order to get the faster speed instead to introduce 5G.

If, 5G is available in the market then customers should get the new devices that can support the 5G Network and it is not confirmed that how much time it can take. According to Sawanobori, the real facts are being neglecting that in USA and rest of the world they need to set some standard about technology and in order to complete it could require two years. The 3G technology replaced by 4G LTE takes nearly six to cover 300 million Consumers in USA, and in rest of the world, it is still not available.

Ultimately, there is no exact surety when 5G Technology will come in near future.

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