How you can fix your WiFi signals in the easiest possible way with the help of a router

How you can fix your WiFi signals in the easiest possible way with the help of a router:Wireless Router Printer

How you can fix your WiFi signals in the easiest possible way with the help of a router

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It is unbelievable to think that ten years ago, we used to consider our internet speed really fast. It is so crazy to even imagine now, but we were like that. Though we used to dial in to log into our internet and get just 28kbps download speed which is very slow if we compare it to the today’s average download speed but at that time, it was our bliss. During that time, we used to get roughly around 100 Mbps (megabits per second, Mb is used to denote upload and download speed) and at home, we used to get just 200-300Mbps download speed (megabytes per second, used to denote file size), and we were happy downloading at this speed using our all-time favorite Time Warner Cable Internet.

During that time, we used to think that 3-4Mbps was fast but we now think even 250Mbps is not enough. This shows that within a span of ten to 20 years, our data consumption speed has increased manifolds, which has made us more dependent on WiFi connection, which is the reason why we are encountering WiFi issues these days more than before. Therefore, the need to cater all these WiFi issues has also increased to a great extent. You need to log into it through your browser with a network cable you can also take help from  assignment help | Assignmentdoer

And people have come up with solutions like checking WiFi signal speeds and strength using Android Smartphone, removing gear that causes a lot of interference, blanketing your home in WiFi signal by using the latest technology but among all of them, there are three easiest methods that you can think of using to fix your WiFi signals:

•    Reset your Router
•    Find the right spot in your house to fix your router
•    Upgrade your router

Reset your router

One of the easiest ways to fix your WiFi signals is by resetting your router. Though people don’t understand the fact that all tech related products need to be reset from time to time but it is one solution that people can apply in order to fix their WiFi issues. You need to understand the fact that just like computer or smartphone, routers are also built on a firmware and it cannot be perfect all the time. There are many things that can happen to it, for example, information can get jammed up in your router, and for which you will need a simple reset so instead of getting worried, try to reset your router so that data and information can flow easily.

Fix your router at the right place in your home

One of the other ways through which you can use fix your WiFi issues is by finding the right place in your house to place a router. Doors, cupboards, doors, cabinets, and walls all play a vital role in obstructing the path of WiFi signals. Thicker walls with plaster and latest interfere the path of WiFi signals more than the drywall. Similarly, houses made of concrete and brick, also face the issue of having low WiFi signals. So never place your router in a hidden place like AV cabinet or TV. Instead, try to keep it in an open spot at your home like desk or mantle.

Upgrade your router

One of the other ways to improve your WiFi signals is by upgrading your router. You need to understand the fact that all routers vary from one another just like your smartphones. And this is the reason why their issues also from each other. Budget routers experience those issues that high end routers do not and vice versa. So instead of spend a lot of money on smartphones, tablets, and TVs to connect them to the cheapest router, try to replace your old router with a new one.

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