Turn Your Smartphone Into a Game Boy at E3

Last week at E3 an Exciting discovery has been made by Neowin Folks. Actually it was taunted as a joke of April fool a year before.This year Smart boy of Hyperkin not only comes with modernize design, its totally operative and close to December possibly it will officially release.
Turn Your Smartphone Into a Game Boy at E3: Wireless Router Printer
Turn Your Smartphone Into a Game Boy at E3

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It is designed to be an awesome way to easily play retro games on smartphones without resorting to an awful on-screen touchscreen controls. The Smart Boy offers color scheme and a button layout of original Game Boy of Nintendo. It even allows classic Game Boy cartridges with a slot on the back. It presumably via emulation hardware inside.

Whats catch?

You may already know that original Smart Boy was designed to for both Android and an iPhone smartphone accessory. The hardware was only shown working better at E3. It is not surprising, the abundance of Game Boy emulators which are available on the Google Play Store, vs the hurdles on iOS. This can be the main reason for an iOS devotee to jump over to Android.


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