Smartphones can be rooted by Latest Malware for Android : Kemoge

These days the very first choice of the hackers is Google Android, from a remote location with the help of Stagefright bug, hackers can hack your Android mobile phone even from a text message.

In this row of Malwares and Adwares, The Most recent is ‘Kemoge Malware’ and it will affect the Android mobiles in the form of Adware, It helps third-party app stores to get the information from your devices and take complete control of them.

From FireEye Labs, Security researchers have found that arround the world in twenty different countries the adware family of Kemoge malicious is already developing. Moreover, it is doubtful that the roots of Kemoge Malware is China.

What is Kemoge?

 Due to its direct connection with,This name has been provided to the malicious Adware family.In the counterfeit of famous application,Kemoge is Adware and why it is distributed in specific numbers as it is using the name of very famous apps and with help of malicious codes they recollect them and create it ready to use for consumers.

As on the authorized play store are using the fresh and confirmed apps, Similarly,They are availaing the name of the developers who developed the apps.

I am sharing the name of famous apps who are getting damaging:

  •     Shareit
  •     WiFi Enhancer
  •     Calculator
  •     Assistive Touch
  •     Talking Tom 3

How does Kemoge Work?

The hackers transfer the apps to the apps of third party and setting up an interface which looks as it is the Original one and to play smart what they do, they sponser the the advertisements in apps and link downloading through websites.
Ad networks can automatically install samples because of root privilage. Kemoge also collects information of your device and send to the ad server. It hit your device with freuent ad banners.

Rooted Devices also affected by Kemoge:

There are 8 type of root exploits it injects to target root phones. It has comiled some exploits from open source projects .
 Smartphones can be rooted by Lateat Malware for Android: Kemoge : Wireless Router Printer

It also connects with for malicious commands.

How does Kemoge Avoid Detection?

Kemoge interact with the server at various times. The malware runs malicious code at first launch or within first 24 hours.Kemoge sends the data including phone’s installed app, storage information, IMSI and IMEI information to some remote server.

After uploading your device information on server it asks commands from erver, which reverts with aother command  which can be any of the following domains and malicious system executes it:

  •     Uninstall applications
  •     Launch applications
  •     Download and Install apps from third party server

How to Secure your Device from Kemoge?

Kemoge is a dangerous threat and to stay safe you are advised to:
  •     Never touch any suspicious links.
  •     Never install apps from untrusted sources.
  •     Keep your Android devices up-to-date.
  •     Uninstall apps which show Ads.

 If you have faced Specific issues dont forget to share with us how you fixed that and always feel free to ask me questions via comment . As soon as possible i will answer your queries.

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