Now Get ready for the new iPad

There are rumors that Apple is going to launch a new successor of the iPad Air 2 in next week. According to Mark Gurman from 9to5mac, there will be hike in the entry price of iPad air that will start from $599 and will offer 32GB to its users.


Now Get ready for the new iPad : WIreless Router Printer
Now Get ready for the new iPad : WIreless Router Printer

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Now you may ask why Apple is going to raise the price of new Apple iPad Air. Earlier rumors was that Apple is not releasing any new update, iPad Air 3. The new iPad air 3 is considered as a smaller iPad Pro. The device should be new iPad air will be much faster than the predecessor of iPad and support its accessories.

So now you may expect that the Apple Pencil will work with this new iPad version. Apple didnt update the iPad air when announced the iPad Pro. in October, 2014 iPad Air 2 was released, now Apple has enabled aplit view and multitasking. You already know that iPad Air 2 with 16GB starts with $499.

But now Apple is thinking to offer you more space as they are planning to come with 32GB space in new iPad. You will get more options such as 128GB storage which will be more expensive.

But rumors saying that you have to wait till Monday to hear about the new iPad.

iPad is going to be a more capable device. Apple wants to capitalize the differences that will make it more capable. Now we have to wait till Monday to find out if there is any space for such device in the market.

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