How to Secure your iPhone

Every person who is using iPhone definitely that person will be much concerned about their personal data rather than any other thing because no one wants to show their Videos, photos,messages and other stuff to others as its their personal property.

Everybody knows about the celebrity photo hack scandal in 2014. Nude Images of Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence were posted on the internet and whole world had seen it. Reports shows that all happened due to small mistake that we hardly care about. In this post i will explain how to secure your iPhone and how to protect your smartphone from hackers.

Security of iPhone is always on top because we are always concerned about its safety. Since, it is very easy to stole data of iPhone and it could be shared to anyone in the world. I understand it very well that no one likes to do that.

iPhone Security: Wireless Router Printer

iPhone Security : WRP

That’s why i am going to share some of very important tips with all of you and it will help you alot to protect your iPhone and also will help to maintain the personal data of your iPhone secure so that you can safe from these type of Scandles about which i earlier talk in this post.

How to Keep Your iPhone Secure & Save Yourself From Scandals

Do not Upload image on iCloud – Very Risky!

We all are having the same habit to click pictures and upload it immediately on social networking sites, Images sharing sites etc.
iPhone users upload their pictures on iCloud while you should not upload your personal images on iCloud any more.
Many images has been expose from iCloud.  Hackers can approach very easily to iCloud Photo library which ultimately hack your images and can unofficially use your photos.
Follow these steps to stop uploading images on iCloud;
  • Go to Settings
  • Select iCloud
  • Select Turn off iCloud Photo Library

Effectively Delete Photos –  Complete Wipe Out!

Whenever we are removing photos from iPhone, it is not completely deleted as it goes to recently Deleted Folder. In order to Wipe it out from iPhone must delete it completely.

How to delete it then follow these steps:
  • Delete all the photos which you want to delete.
  • Go to Albums option.
  • tap on Recently Deleted folder.
  • tap on Select from top right corner.
  • tap on Delete.
Now all your pictures will be deleted completely and permanently.

To Stop Photo sync disable My Photo Stream:

By Deafault on iOS devices My Photo Stream is activated and it automatically syncs all Pictures of iPhone with your other iCloud devices when you will connected to internet which will expose your personel pictures means your privacy because any one else can use your devices like your friends and colleagues. Hence, Very important to disable My Photo Stream, if you have more iOS devices.

Follow these steps to disable My Photo Stream:
  • Go to Settings
  • Select iCloud
  • Select Photos
  • Turn Off My Photo Stream
Once you will follow these steps it will not sync your photos with other iCloud devices.

Keep Difficult Password or Passcode – Puzzle Others

If you will set a Passcode which will be very easy and simple like your date of Birth and names etc can invite others to access your phone, so i will recommend to choose a tough passcode for your iPhone.

Since, many people don’t go for the difficult one and set passcode of only 4 characters because they do not have knowledge about it.

Follow steps to learn how to set a Tough passcode so that it cannot be hacked.
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Touch ID & Passcode
  • Scroll down
  • Turn off the Simple Passcode option.
 Now enter the difficult passcode using special characters, numbers and symbols in passcode.

Never Share iCloud Password or Apple App Store with Others :

May be its very normal for most of you but still there are many iPhone users who share there passwords with other and later they are worrying about their data to be tolen or lost. So, it is an advice from my side that avoid sharing your password with others. At times, your friends may

ask your iCloud password to update your App Store apps, never share your password verbally. You can type your password yourself, and ensure nobody else knows the password.

Are you aware about this thing that, Anytime anyone whether your friends or any other unauthorized person can search your location, they can check your pictures, and contacts, if your app store or iCloud password which is same is available with them.

If you want to know how then go to and login there by using credentials of your Apple store  to see, that with your credentials how others can get the access of your important data or information.

Additional tips to keep data of your iPhone secure and safe:

  • When you are at home or you are not using your iPhone as do not need it then please disable   your location. Always Keep it on when you are traveling, So that it can help you in locating if you lost phone.
  • No one  can see the notifications and push messages on the screen of your iPhone if your phone will be locked.
  • Go to Settings option,then select option touch id and passcode, Allow access when locked & disable the notification view.
  • At the time of installation of any new application or App, make sure they need what kind of access or authorization. Never allow access of photos, videos and messages to any unknown  applications.  download Cydia apps from trusted sources and developers, at the time of running Jail broken device.
  •  If you have any questions then feel free to ask me via comment . As soon as possible i will answer your queries.

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