CHOICE Life Insurance introduces Investshield

Do you want to fight the uncertainties of your life? I know you will say “Yes”. That means you are also looking for something which can help you to get you some relief from the financial worries. If I tell you there is a Life insurance plan for you, then you may say that you have already heard about insurance plans, so what`s new now.

CHOICE Life Insurance introduces Investshield

Well here is the interesting part, Canara HSBC and Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance brings a new plan for the people who want not only life insurance but also wants to grow their money by making good investments which can get them easy returns.

This new type of insurance + Investment plan is InvestShield. CHOICE Life Insurance introduces InvestShield for everyone who is looking for the benefits of life insurance and investment also.

What is Investshield:
#iNVESTSHIELD plan is a plan which talks about fulfilling the dreams of you and your loved ones. This not only offers you the benefits of an insurance plan but also allows you to make investment and get benefits of that also. It also saves you from the troubles of the cumbersome process of investment and insurance.

Benefit Options:

Life Option:
In this option you choose for protection against death. It does not include accidental death or premium after death.

Life Option with ADB
This option includes two features death and accidental death benefits. But it do not include Premiums after death.

Life Option with PFB
This option includes two features such as death and premium after death, but it do not include accidental death.

So you see you have these 3 options and you can choose between them according to your own choice.
You must choice the option in the beginning as you cannot change the option later.

Why you should go for InvestShield:
iNVESTSHIELD Plan is a ULIP non-participatory investment +  insurance plan.

Key benefits

  • Convenience to buy from
  • Flexibility to customize
  • Zero Premium Allocation Charge
  • Loyalty Additions
  • Choice of Investment Funds
  • Safety Switch Option
  • Liquidity to take partial withdrawals.
  • Tax benefits

If you still have any question about CHOICE Life Insurance introduces Investshield click here.

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