Secure Browser To Control Privacy And Security of browser

I have already shared information about the different search engines for the security of privacy policy in my earlier post “Are you really Worried about privacy, forget Google and try these search engines“. Today i will let you know about the security on internet browsers.
Secure Browser To Control Privacy And Security of browser:Wireless RouterPrinter
Secure Browser To Control Privacy And Security of browser

In spite of all promotions and considerations that enclose the famous browsers on internet, there are few better options on the internet rather than big internet browsers, if you recognize.They are not as famous as commonly known internet browsers but they have excellent selling points and features as well. We all are aware about this thing very well that whats our biggest concern these days is? I know everyone will think their own way but let me realize you all, its safety and privacy of our data on the internet which we all never wants to compromise at any cost.

Secure Browser is developed on the basis of total privacy for its users, it has commitment that Usage history of user on internet could not track now or later. It is the reason whenever you will close the Secure browser after use of it all cookies, search History etc. will be automatically deleted. I know it may cause irritation for those who want to see in past what data or information they have searched, But i am sure those who are aware about the risk of sharing important information of them like banking information or work related information will be valuable for them.

Although it only avoid intruders who can acquire access on your laptops or computers. The point of worry is what about the real time security or protection? Need not to worry Secure Browser will provide you with the feature to activate its tracking. No matters which website you have opened, it won’t let site know you were browsing or working on that particular website.

But that only prevents outsiders who’ve gained access to your computer or device from seeing what you’ve been up to. What about real-time protection? Secure Browser gives you the option to activate its tracking protection feature. Even the sites you visit won’t know you’ve been there.

The biggest security risk in browsing is the method users use to connect online, that is why Secure Browser marked it as encryption. As per company with Secure Browser

you can encode or encrypt your information with so many big websites without losing the security in browsing. It will automatically change number of websites from secure HTTPS from insecure HTTP while you are working online. Company is saying they have enable HTTPS everywhere in place of HTTP with the help of ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION to arrange the services.

While browsing Secure Browser offers “Safe Mode” Option which is powered by GOOGLE, which will helps you to get alerts from harmful website and auspicious code activities from time to time. As google intimate its users at time of browsing and surfing, in the same was Secure Browser will give you intimation.

Still all Privacy and security will be of no use till the time you won’t get good speed. Loading of page issue has been already pointing by Secure browser to delay by advertising at the beginning. According to the company more than 50% of time is taking by coming ads on the browsers at the time of loading of page, and features of AD-Blocking are not only bothered you while it destroy your time too. As expected speed of browser starts at the beginning and Secure Browser has been developed on the technology of chromium rendering engine to make sure site should load quickly and without any kind of difficulty.

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